Remember the activity on profiling where you were looking at a Male, 40/50 year old, ex-trucker who read the Star or Sun.

This was the profile you developed for a Manager of a fleet of trucks.

This is the cover of the brochure that was sent to 3,200 such managers and achievd a 28% response.


Because it was designed to get the attention of the person who was to recieve it, not the fantasy of some designer.

The 'favour' was that for every questionnaire completed and returned the young lady would send a new "Euro" tyre tread guage to the Manager.

In addition there was the possibility of a holiday in Scandinavia for the winner of a draw (Helsinki in February)

Remember - think like the customer thinks - get their attention not your own - neither your opinion, nor that of your designer counts one jot - it's the customer and their opinion that counts

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