Who's behind Fastlinksolutions?

John Saxon is one of a few professionals in the UK who has been elected a Companion of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and is a Human Resource Development specialist and an authority on the practice and principles of mentoring, motivation and business start up and development in the UK.

He has worked for himself in a variety of roles as a consultant, Managing Director of 2 Limited Companies and Creative Director of a successful design and advertising agency, John been engaged in the design and delivery of training and motivational programmes to industry and education since 1980 and has specialised in working with new start, growth and blue chip business and as a 'trouble shooter' in the areas of design, sales, marketing, business planning, IT and Internet based solutions.

He has presented workshops and seminars on mentoring, business management, sales, Internet development, marketing and motivation to a wide variety of audiences including the National Mentoring Network and his recorded presentations on 'closing the sale' and 'answering objections' was incorporated as part of the sales training programme for a major USA Corporation. He is currently working with a variety of private clients, Business Links, Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise agencies in growth programmes for Industry and Education and has just participated in the Pilot Programme to develop standards for the delivery of Business Support in Yorkshire

He specialises in identifying areas of ineffective procedure and implementing productive and workable solutions, advising and counselling on a wide range of management, training, design, sales and marketing issues. John has a positive approach towards developing motivation and cohesion in various environments and has had articles on Internet development published in WebPro News, SitePro News and the ISMM Magazine. He is also quoted as an author on much of the Marketing material on the University of Pennsylvania's Small Business Support Web SIte

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Alan France is a specialist in Manufacturing, particularly in Metals Engineering. He has 35 years experience in the Metals Industries, covering Drop Forging, Foundry, Machining, and Precision Sheet Metal facilities, in supervisory and management roles. His most recent employed position was at Managing Director level, and as an Executive Director of a plc. Having profit responsibility for the main subsidiary, Alan was involved in Business Development, through organic growth and acquisition, and diversification of both the customer base, and the markets.

His experience initially was in a Quality function, but most recently has 20 years experience of Production Management, where, by changing established practices and embracing Total Quality and JIT concepts, was able to achieve increases in turnover and profitability.

Modern techniques such as 'Kaizen' and 'Lean Manufacturing' were utilised to reduce waste, stock and work in progress levels, along with the introduction of cellular based production teams.

For the last few years Alan has worked for himself in a Consultant and Business Advisor role, and has 5 years experience of Business Mentoring, Counselling, and Support to over 1000 clients in new and start up businesses, ranging from Sole Trader operations, through Partnerships to Limited Company status. In this role, Alan has been partly responsible for ensuring high survivability rates (around 85%), and he continues to be committed to providing quality advice and support.


Fastlink Solutions Limited

John & Alan have recently formed Fastlink Solutions Limited; an Internet resident 'Knowledge Base' in accordance with guidelines issued by Patricia Hewitt for the support of SME's in the 21st Century. The development of Fastlink Solutions Limited is carried out by a team with over 50 years experience in Business Support and is provided as a free resource with open access to new start and growth business. It may be freely used as a resource by Colleges, Universities, Business Links and Enterprise Agencies throughout the UK.

Fastlink Solutions Limited currently manage the Barnsley Enterprise Agency and deliver 'synergy' a modular business start up programme which is SFEDI endorsed for National delivery. Survival rates for new businesses experiencing the 'synergy' programme are in excess of 85% at the 18 month point.

Fastlink Solutions Limited is committed to the increased survival of all it's visitors and will give the best information at all times, we cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for actions taken by visitors to this site and use of the information and web site implies acceptance of this fact.

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