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Welcome - We assume you have reached this page because you are new, or relatively new, to the Internet. You may even be a little confused and nervous about this whole World Wide Web thing ... That's OK ... This site has deliberately been designed to be easy to find your way around (navigate) and we've tried to keep it as simple as possible.

The intention is to help and support you in the planning and development of your new business idea, whether that be window cleaning, home typing, computer consultancy work or whatever, so the site will help you to do that - as you 'navigate' around it you may also learn a little more about the Internet and, by the time you've visited us a few times we hope you might become something of an expert.


Throughout the site we've tried to keep to certain symbols to help you to navigate - you'll notice that when you move the mouse to place the arrow over the yellow square it changes to a hand, try it now - when the square appears on the left of the page it links to the page you have just left, when on the right it moves you to the next page

There may be other 'buttons' to answer questions or submit information and these will usually be grey with writing in them. When you place the mouse arrow over them it will turn into a hand Clicking at this point will cause whatever is in the button to happen