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Sometimes you may want to look at a section of the programme on your computer, without being on the Internet or tying up the telephone and running up a huge bill.

To do this you need to 'browse off line' and you may need to choose that section of the programme to be made available off-line on your own computer. Alternatively, by selecting 'print' from the file menu you will be able to print most sections.

As you become more familiar with the site and the information it contains, we would welcome your views. You can send these to us through the button that says 'leave your message' as you leave the site - Good Luck and Good Surfing


Wherever you see text underlined, it means that you can click on it and there will be further explanations or information that will come onto your screen. After clicking it, it will turn this colour to indicate you have been there. To get back to the screen you just left click the yellow button in the right hand corner of the page

Wherever you see a line of text underlined with www. in front it means it is a link to someone else's web site. By clicking on it you will open up their web page. To return to this one, simply click on the back button (arrow) at the top left of your computer window.