Any commercial operation supplying goods, or services, to a customer for profit is likely to be regarded by the Inland Revenue as trade. If you are in doubt as to whether you are carrying on a trade, profession or vocation you should ask your tax advisor, or accountant, if you have on, or the local Tax Office. See useful Contact for your particular area.

Trade Creditors

These are people, or companies, that you owe money to as a result of carrying out your business. They may have issued you with an invoice or you may have incurred the debt (e.g. telephone, gas, etc) before you receive the invoice, or bill.

Trade Debtors

These are people, or companies, that owe you money as a result of carrying out business with you. They may have been issued with an invoice or they may have incurred the debt as a result of work in progress or an order not yet dispatched.

Trade Mark

 A trade mark is any sign which can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another.

A sign includes words, logos, colours, slogans, three-dimensional shapes and sometimes sounds and gestures.

A trade mark is therefore a "badge" of trade origin. It is used as a marketing tool so that customers can recognise the product of a particular trader. To be registrable in the UK it must also be capable of being represented graphically, that is, in words and/or pictures.

Tangible Fixed Assets

Assets which can be realised for cash after one year i.e. material goods such as Fixtures & Fittings or property.

Trading Address

An address of business premises of a company. This is not always available as the company is not required by law to file this information. This may or may not be a different address to the Registered Office.


Total invoiced sales nett of VAT.



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