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Cashflow Forecast Spreadsheet

(including all formulae, simply enter the incoming and outgoings and it will work out the cashflow for you) to access right click on the underlined links and save to your hard drive. Please note older versions will open in newer software, but not vice versa. When you open the file choose 'Save As' to retain the integrity of the original file to re-use

Customer Contact Database

This is a customer contact database developed in Access and allows you to send mailers and reminds you to contact the customer in 30 days. to download it right click below and choose Download Link to Disk or Save Link to Disk

Customer Database


Business Plan Template

Microsoft Word template with all of the relevant sections to complete for a bank approved business plan, includes costing, pricing, sales forecast, profit and loss forecast, etc. download it right click below and choose Download Link to Disk or Save Link to Disk

Excel 2000 Cashflow
Lotus 123 Cashflow
Excell 2.1 Cashflow
Microsoft Works Cashflow
Word Business Plan
Appleworks (MAC) Cashflow


Adobe Reader Download

In order to read many of the downloads in .pdf format you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Click here to download from Adobe's site

Internet Explorer Download

The latest version of Internet Explorer is Free for you to download. Click here to download from Microsoft's site

Clarisworks (MAC) Cashflow


Interest Calculator

Need to calculate how much Interest to charge under the Late Payment of Debts Act? Use this handy calculator

Click Here

VAT Calculator

Need to calculate how much VAT to add on or take off items? Use this handy calculator

Click Here


Should you need to discuss an invention or design, in confidence, with someone, this example of a confidentiality agreement may be used - to access click here

Simple Book-keeping system

This is based on an Excel 2000 spreadsheet, page 1

Excel 2000 Book-Keeping

contains a book-keeping spreadsheet, page 2 keeps a running total of profit and profit margins automatically to download click here


Profit & Loss Forecast Spreadsheet

Excel 2000 Forecast

This is an Excel 2000 spreadsheet, complete with formulae for a profit and loss forecast for your business plan. Download by clicking here